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You’ll be assigned your own personal friendly trained local Certified Affordable Housing Provider® housing counselor that will analyze your information and place you into the PTHO program that is right for you, right now. Don’t worry – we have a program for everyone – even if you don’t have enough money to put down on a house now.



Guidance: Right away we’ll send you a ‘Members only’ PTHO web class that explains more about the program and guides you on next steps. When the time is right we’ll place you with a licensed specialist that will work to get you the best mortgage.



Members receive your own personal copy of the best selling book “Never Pay Rent Again™” - the Path To Home Ownership® to learn more about buying a home.



You’ll receive access to ‘Members Only’ video trainings on how to get yourself in a position to qualify for a loan.


Save Money

We help you save money. Our experts will analyze your existing bills to help you get immediate savings on Cell Phone, Internet, Cable, DirecTV and Dish, and Utilities – Gas and Electric*!! This alone could pay for your membership in the first month. More money in your pocket means you can buy a nicer house faster.


Credit Restoration

As a member you’ll receive a review of your credit. This may show that you can improve your score and lower your out of pocket costs on Auto Insurance and interest on Credit Cards, Auto Loans, Student Loans and yes – getting a low interest home loan when the time is right. We refer you to a non-profit organization that are experts at improving credit scores.


First Look

Members get ‘First Look’ status on all properties being purchased by the company to choose the home that is just right for you.


Custom Buy

Members get our ‘Custom Buy’ service as the company will seek to buy a property that is right for you – the number of bedrooms, bathrooms and location you prefer. No obligation – you can chose it or let it pass on to another PTHO client.


Earn Credits

Members can earn credit towards their down payment / purchase price by agreeing to do some or all of the repairs on a property.



Everyone who joins us now receives the Platinum Savings Card™ Membership that gives weekly discounts at over 131,000 grocery stores, 91,000 restaurants, discounts on gift cards, discounts on prescriptions and more! Over $100 Value!

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*Due to state laws the program may differ slightly in some states.

We love the house, we love the location

To whom it may concern,

In June 2012 we found ourselves in a situation where we were going to have to find a place to rent. We are a family of four and would require more than just an apartment of any nature.  We had started to look at locations and started to actively search for multiple methods to find a new place to call home.  We had looked at several places and we were unhappy or mildly satisfied with the quality and upkeep of some of these places.  We understood that we were renting, but we still wanted a place that was classy and tactful.

We had contacted Todd at the end of June in reference to a house rental he was listing.  We drove by the house and scoped it out prior to our meeting and we were excited to see more. We met Todd at the residence a few days after contacting him.  When we met Todd he was quick to point out and inform us of the projects that he was working on and the intentions that he had to fix up any cosmetic details. We were happpy with the location and decided that this was the one.  We had the application emailed to us that evening and had it submitted back within a day as we did not want to lose this opportunity.  Within two days of submitting the application we were overjoyed to receive communication from Todd that it was ours.  We waited patiently for the house to be ready and even provided some help to assist in the repairs.  We packed up our old house and moved into this home and we have been extremely happy with the new place.  We have been more than happy with our dealings with Todd and although we are new to the renting process, we had a good feeling that Todd would be a respectable landlord.  He gave us that autonomy to make this our home and add our own touches wherever we wanted.  The level of communication and followup was superb.  Again, we were new to renting and we had a lot of questions.  Todd was patient with us and answered all of our questions.  We have certainly been happy with our decision.  We love the house, we love the location and we are very appreciative that we were able to find a location that fits our need, our style and our personality.  Todd was great to work with and made us feel comfortable through the whole process.

We look forward to a great relationship for years to come.

The Watters Old Town, ME

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Video Testimonials YouTube.com, MI

We Had A Great Experience With You

Erick and I would like to thank Nice Homes Today for giving us the opportunity of renting the past two years! We had a great experience with you.  Todd Warstler was a great housing counselor, very helpful and always got back to us in a timely manner and answered all of our questions! We will recommend anyone to this company who comes our way looking to rent to own a home!

Thank you so much!


Erick and Kayla T Three Rivers, MI

Not really having much hope of getting approved I decided to apply anyway.

I always get discouraged when I have to go house shopping. Although I’ve wanted to purchase for quite some time, my credit score has never been quite up to par so renting has always been the only option for me. I was browsing the internet for a place to move as I needed extra space for the expansion of my family when I came across a house that was showing as a rent to own. Not really having much hope of getting approved I decided to apply anyway. This is when I came into contact with Todd Warstler, the agent for the home. From the very beginning he was extremely helpful and kind. I told him upfront about my situation and he didn’t seem moved at all, but instead explained the programs and services they offered for people in exact situations like mine. Still hesitant I continued to go forward with the process. Within a very short time frame I was receiving a call from Todd that I was approved for the home. His service to me was simple, quick, and with a smile. I am forever grateful for the opportunity I now have to be a homeowner. I encourage anyone to take a look at the homes and services that Nice Homes Today has to offer. You will not regret it. 

Stacey W Portage, MI

Thank you very much! It was very easy! You're down to earth.

Thank you very much! It was very easy! You're down to earth.  I like that, not a business guy in a business suit, looking to make a bunch of money.  Thank you

Jessi M Three Rivers, MI

God bless you!!

I have lived here for nearly 30 years, and this is the first time I have ever had a new refrigerator. With the new roof, the bathroom update, the new refrigerator and other repairs, even during the COVID-19 pandemic, I am very thankful for you!  God bless you!! 

Sally S Kalamazoo, MI

God bless you!!

I have lived here for nearly 30 years, and this is the first time I have ever had a new refrigerator. With the new roof, the bathroom update, the new refrigerator and other repairs, even during the COVID-19 pandemic, I am very thankful for you!  God bless you!! 

Sally S Kalamazoo, MI

I've never had neighbors this great! I love it here and I love my house!

I've never had neighbors this great! They look out for me and my family.  I love it here and I love my house! I am so blessed!

Simona M Kalamazoo, MI